PHD Fellowships for MAD-Faculty Research groups

Posted by veerle on Tuesday June 22nd 2010 at 07:10

Under the LSM program (Limburg Sterk Merk: Limburg strong brand), the MAD-faculty in Hasselt and Genk (Belgium) obtained substantial fundings in order to stimulate the research at PHL and MDA through doctoral fellowships, starting next academic year 2010-11. In total it concerns 7 full-time PhD-fellowships for four years in arts & design research.

The proposed project and research question of the applicant will have to match the theme of one of the MAD-faculty research groups, among them Play&Game (see our mission statement under ‘About’). In addition, there has to be a potential for upgrading the Limburg region. There are several substantive criteria that the application must meet. The detailed call is attached in the documents below (in dutch).

Interested? Contact the Play&Game research group coordinators Dirk Kenis (PHL)
or Veerle Van der Sluys (MDA).


Oproep doctoraatsbeurzen
informatiedossier doctoraatsbeurzen LSM-MAD
sjabloon aanvraagdossier doctoraatsbeurzen LSM-MAD op project
sjabloon aanvraagdossier doctoraatsbeurzen LSM-MAD op naam

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