The Play&Game research group is one of the three research groups within the Inter-Actions research unit of Luca School of Arts

With the digital revolution different media continuously converge into new applications. Videogames have quickly become an accepted cultural format generating more revenue than the film industry. They undeniably take root in our cultural heritage. The development of a game results from complex interactions with various disciplines: game art, game concepts and game technology.

The Play&Game research group believes in the potential of games for societal sectors (i.e. serious gaming, art, …) other than the pure entertainment industry.

The group’s research expertise is mainly built around game design and game art and addresses the following key research topics:

• alternative and experimental graphic design for games (concept art),

• innovative game formats to motivate game players and to activate their experience, enjoyment and participation,

• innovative interfaces for games,

• alternative technologies with applications in games. This means the creative use of existing technologies (virtual worlds, augmented reality, mobile carriers, multitouch, sensors, …) inside or outside the established structures in which the technology is embedded.

• interactive storytelling for games

For more information contact the Play&Game research group coordinator Niels Quinten.

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